Hello Pratibha

Hello Pratibha

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Homemaking is a tedious full time job but often in India, the sacrifices of a women looking after the house go completely unnoticed. These are familial obligations which in India only a woman is supposed to shoulder but the drudgery a woman experiences eternally in a marriage as a housewife is never a matter of concern. She cooks, cleans runs the house but has no say in the important issues. She is the hands, legs and eyes of the family but has no voice. She dutifully looks after her husband's children's needs and in-laws needs, only to be scorned at or completely ignored. Eventually she cries out of the tedium of household chores that are forced on by all family members, when she starts feeling that marriage has become a trap rather than a loving relationship.

Such is the story of the protagonist of ZEE TV's new offering Hello Pratibha! All of 36, Pratibha is now a mother of two grown up children. Family is her sole priority and she has spent her 16 years of married life in bringing up her children and looking after her in-laws. Pratibha, who before her marriage was a girl filled with hope, ambitions and joy is now a blind spot in the house. All she wants is to be valued by her kids for what she is and not for what she does for them... She wants to be appreciated for the sacrifices she makes for her family... she wants to be an equal voice in decision making and does not want to be taken for granted!

Will Pratibha set out to re-discover herself and her individuality post her marriage?

ZEE TV lends its new philosophy of 'Har Lamha Nayi Umeed' through its latest offering - Hello Pratibha, that aims to inspire housewives, that there is more to life than the daily drudgery of household responsibilities and that they're free to pursue their own dreams and hidden talents.

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