Honar Suun Mee Hyaa Gharchi

Honar Suun Mee Hyaa Gharchi

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The biggest fear of a girl is to deal with her mother-in-law after marriage. Imagine what a trauma it would be if there were six mothers-in-law. Janhavi a strong willed, resilient and determined girl is the sole provider of her house. Her step-mother is someone who saw Janhavi only as a machine for earning income and made sure that Janhavi didnt get a suitor.

However, Sreerang Gokhale, a young and extremely successful industrialist falls in love at first sight with Janhavi and they get married. Jhanvai find herself amidst a series of extremely unique situations after marriage.

Janhavi has not 1 but 6 mothers-in-law, Sreerangs family has no man but one i.e. himself and six women which includes his mother, grandmother and aunts all of whom he loves dearly. Each of the six women has a special place in his heart in their own unique way.

All the six of women have very different natures and characters. Janhavi is now faced with a challenge of eventually creating her own space in a house that would not welcome her. From here on begins Janhavis journey to win over her six mothers-in-law. And eventually create her own space in a house that would not welcome her. But Janhav is large heartedness is what will help her find love and acceptance in the household.

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